25 Neptune Blvd
Neptune, NJ 07753


The Exhibitor shall:

  1. Expend every effort to hang the artwork on time, for your assigned month. Delivery must be pre-arranged by calling the Library. Library must be notified if the delivery will be delayed.
  2. There will be a maximum of fourteen art pieces per exhibit.
  3. Forward, with the Agreement to Exhibit, a biographical resume along with the numbered Itemized Inventory List, which should include the value, medium, and size of each work exhibited.
  4. Make sure all works have screw eyes attached that are suitable for hanging. The Library will provide the wire.
  5. Be responsible for hanging or displaying the items and dismantling same. All artwork is to remain on exhibit until the dismantling date as determined in the Agreement to Exhibit.
  6. After hanging, furnish the Library with an Itemized Inventory List for the items to be exhibited. The list must have the exhibitor’s name and phone number for contact. The Library does not handle sales.
  7. All artwork presented for exhibit is to have a small numbered sticker, facing outward and corresponding to the inventory, affixed to the lower right hand corner.
  8. Inform the Library if an “Opening Reception” or “Meet the Artist” reception is desired. Receptions are scheduled based on availability of the Meeting Room 2. The Friends of the Library will provide tablecloths, cups and plates, napkins, etc.  The artist may provide refreshments, which may include, punch, coffee, cake or cookies, cheese, crackers, fruit, etc.  Liquor is not allowed on Municipal property.
  9. Since the Neptune Public Library requires at least a month for the design and preparation of the Flyers and Posters for the show, we request the submission of your “Agreement to Exhibit ” at least a month before the hanging date.


The Library shall:

  1. The Library insures work for theft, fire and damage to artwork, but not glass or frames. For insurance purposes the value of the artwork will be considered the value as stated on the inventory list, or the indicated sales price. In the case of photographs the coverage will be $50.00 per item, the reasoning being that negatives exist to reproduce the photographs.
  2. Prepare posters and flyers advertising the exhibit and reception. The artist will be provided with flyers to distribute or hand out to announce their reception.
  3. The art coordinator for the Friends of the Neptune Public Library will have committee members and representatives present for each reception.

Additional Art Hanging details:
The Artist will be responsible for hanging the show. The show will be hung using the Library’s cable hanging system. Excess cable should be coiled, (NOT CUT) and held in place, using an alligator clip, supplied by the Library. Although the maximum number of pieces that is allowed by the system is 14, the artist/exhibitor should visit the library in advance in order to plan their arrangement.  It is suggested to use the diagrams to pre-determine where your pieces will be hung on each wall. This will help make your hanging session a smooth, and time saving experience.

Adopted 13 February 2008
Library Board of Trustees

Print Itemized Inventory List and Agreement to Exhibit