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Gifts to the collection can be in the form of money or actual materials.

Gift plates and letters of acknowledgement are appropriate stipulations by a donor.

All gifts become part of the general collection and should not require special circulation procedures. Gifts of books and other library materials are gratefully accepted by the Library with the understanding that they will be considered for addition to the collection in accordance with the Materials Selection Policy. The Library reserves the right to sell or otherwise dispose of gift materials not added to the collection.

When a patron offers to give books or audiovisual materials to the Library, the following guidelines apply. If there is a question about these guidelines or a special situation, please refer the patron to a Supervisor.


  • The Library will accept paperback books and audiovisual materials if they are in good condition. Nothing that is marked, yellowed, musty or damaged will be accepted.
  • Gifts are inspected by staff or volunteers for odor, water damage, wear, and age.
  • Appropriate material may be added to the collection, put in the book sale or, if not in acceptable condition, discarded. Proceeds from materials offered at the ¬†Library book sale benefit the Library collection in general and/or other¬† Library projects and services.

Library staff will not appraise the books or indicate a value in the acknowledgment / thank you letter. A Donation Receipt will only mention the name and date of donation and will not assign a value to the donation.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees
14 September 2005