25 Neptune Blvd
Neptune, NJ 07753


Listen NJ is a subscription service that provides downloadable audio books and E-books to participating New Jersey public libraries.  Audio books, such as MP3 and wav files, are recordings to listen to.  E-books are digital books that are read on either a computer screen or on a portable reader.

Individual libraries, such as the Neptune Public Library, subscribe annually to ListenNJ for access.  The actual services and content are provided by a firm called OverDrive, Inc.  This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ListenNJ is compatible with most, but not all, portable digital media devices.   Users are responsible for determining their device compatibility and downloading the appropriate software.  For a list of all compatible devices, visit: http://www.overdrive.com/resources/drc/.

Users are responsible for following all policies and procedures as detailed on the ListenNJ website HELP page: http://listennj.lib.overdrive.com. The Neptune Library will provide links to the ListenNJ Help and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) website pages.

Digital rights to individual titles are managed by OverDrive, Inc.  The Neptune Public Library is not responsible for use or misuse of digital materials.  Due to digital licensing signatures, eBooks must be downloaded onto user’s personal computers or devices and may not be downloaded to library computers.

Neptune Public Library users wishing to download audio books or eBooks from ListenNJ to their devices must have a valid Neptune Public Library card and PIN (Personal Identification Number).  The user’s card must be in good standing and must not have overdue items, fines or fees.

Loan or “access” periods, managed by ListenNJ, is currently 14 days.  You must retain the item for the full loan time.  Titles automatically expire from your device after the access period.  If you require additional time, you will have to “check out” and download the book a second time if there is no waiting list for it.   If you finish your download early, you cannot “return” it early.   You will never be charged an overdue fine.

There is an individual limit of 5 ListenNJ titles that can be borrowed on your card at the same time.

Users wishing to place a hold on a title must provide a current email address.  Notification will be sent via email when the title becomes available.  You then have 5 days to activate this checkout after email notification.  If you do not download within the 5 days, you will forfeit your place on the hold list for that particular title.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees, 
May 17, 2011