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Neptune, NJ 07753


Material Complaint Procedure for Patrons:

The staff of the Neptune Public Library takes seriously all customer concerns involving our selection of materials.  The following is our process for reevaluating materials:

1. Fill out a RECONSIDERATION OF LIBRARY MATERIALS form. You may drop the form off at either circulation desk or mail it to the Director.
Download the Reconsideration Of Library Materials Form here

2. You may request a copy of our MATERIAL SELECTION POLICY at any time.  The Material Selection Policy, as approved by the Neptune Public Library Board, indicates the criteria the library staff uses to select material for the collection.

3. The Library Director will send you an acknowledgment that he or she received your RECONSIDERATION form.  The Director will also indicate the time frame within which you can expect a written response.

4. The Director will evaluate the item in accordance with the Library’s Material Selection Policy, discuss the material with the library staff, and make a decision as to whether or not to retain the item in the collection.

5. A response letter from the Director will be mailed within the time frame indicated in his/her acknowledgment letter.

6. If you are dissatisfied with the Director’s decision you may appeal the decision to the Library Neptune Library Board by asking that your request for reconsid-eration of a library item be placed on the agenda of the next Board Meeting that you can attend.  The Board will listen to your reconsideration request and respond to your complaint.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees
14 September 2005