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Neptune, NJ 07753


Many people come to the library to find a quiet place to read and study.  The use of cell phones in the library can often prove disruptive to customers and staff.   Please respect others’ rights by observing these guidelines for cell phone use in the library. Patrons will be asked to leave the library if they fail to observe these guidelines.

  • Set cell phones to vibrate or other silent mode.
  • The use of cell phones in a quiet manner that does not disrupt the use of the library by others is allowed.
  • Move to the Lobby if lengthy calls need to be made or received. Parents must attend to their children during phone calls.
  • Keep voices at low level at all times.  Do not engage in lengthy conversations.
  • Library staff may require that people engaged in cell phone conversations move to the Lobby.
  • Abusive or offensive language is grounds for immediate expulsion from the library.
  • No cell phones shall be used in Quiet areas, including Meeting Room #2 upstairs and the Quiet Study area downstairs.
  • Cell phones shall not be used in the restrooms or stairwells.
  • Refusal to comply with this policy or its intent may result in the offending party being required to leave the library.  Repeat offenders may lose library privileges.

The library’s phone is for library business only. An exception may be made in emergency situations or to allow a child to contact a parent / guardian.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees
10 December 2008