25 Neptune Blvd
Neptune, NJ 07753


The Neptune Public Library offers printing, scanning, copying, and faxing services for patrons for a nominal fee.


Printing costs are 20 cents per page for black and white.  Printing costs are 50 cents per color page.

This printing charge applies even if you supply your own paper.


Document scanning services are available.   We will scan your documents or photos up to a maximum size of 11 inches x 17 inches in size.   The charge is $1.00 for the first page, and 50 cents for each additional page.  Small items like identification cards or receipts can be combined in a single scan.  We do not do image editing or retouching work.  Scanned materials can be saved either as individual image files or compiled into Adobe PDF files.  Your scanned item may be emailed to you or saved to a USB flash drive that you provide.  There is no additional charge for scanning color documents.


The charge for copying a black and white (one-side) page is 20 cents.  The charge for copying a double-side black and white page is 40 cents.  The charge for copying a color (one-side) page is 50 cents.  The charge for copying a double-side color page is one dollar ($1.00).


The Library offers outgoing and incoming fax services.  Faxing of documents will be done by the library staff.   A confirmation page is given with each fax that is sent to indicate the success or failure of the fax. The Library will receive incoming faxes if contacted and informed of when to expect the transmission, whom the incoming fax is addressed to and who will be paying for it.  However, you must be present when the fax is received at the Library.  Contact the circulation desk at 732-775-8241 if you are having a fax sent to the Library.  Our fax number is 732-774-1132.

Fax cover sheets must be filled out for each transmission and are available at the circulation desk. Documents may be faxed within the continental United States only.  International fax service is not available.

The Library is not responsible for errors due to poor image quality, problems on the receiving fax end, incorrect fax numbers or other related problems.

Charges for sending and receiving faxes are the same. For local or toll-free numbers, the charge is $1.00 for the first page, and 50 cents for each additional page. We only fax to U.S. area codes.


The use of the scanners and copier machines are subject to U.S. Copyright law. All customers will be responsible for all scanned materials in accordance with all copyright laws.  Library staff will not assist in making copies, scans, and faxes of materials from an electronic source deemed in violation of federal copyright laws and regulations

Adopted by the Board of Trustees
21 August 2012