25 Neptune Blvd
Neptune, NJ 07753


The Mission of the Neptune Public library is Connecting People with Opportunities. As a part of achieving this mission, the Library regularly offers educational and entertaining programs for patrons of all ages.

Programs complement other library services by providing an opportunity to highlight collections, promote services and share knowledge and expertise. They are a strong mechanism for outreach and promotion which allow the library to forge partnerships with a wide variety of groups and individuals and attract both regular and new users of all ages and backgrounds. Programs raise the library’s profile in the community and have a positive impact on library use.

Library programs benefit the community by:

  • being responsive to current interests
  • serving as a forum for idea sharing, information gathering and education
  • promoting cultural awareness
  • developing information literacy
  • offering training and assistance with new technologies
  • fostering a love of reading and learning
  • providing early literacy experiences to young children
  • providing a safe, welcoming environment for meeting with others
  • community awareness / development


Ultimate responsibility for programming policy lies with the Trustees. The Trustees delegate to the Director of the Library the planning and promotion of library programs. Staff members and the Friends of Neptune Public Library aid in this process as the Director deems appropriate.


  1. All programs are intended to further the mission of the Library. They should meet educational, recreational and/or civic needs.
  2. Since the community contains people with different backgrounds, sensibilities, personalities, interests, and needs, the Library will consciously try to offer an unbiased schedule of programs that balances all elements. The content of programs will not be limited by age, race, gender, nationality, personal history, political or religious views. Beliefs and opinions contained in programs are not endorsed by the Library.
  3. Whenever possible, programs will make use of the skills and talents of individuals and organizations from our community and region. The general public may recommend topics or speakers for consideration.
  4. All programs will be free and open to the public. Attendance may be limited if the nature of the program requires it. If attendance is limited, a fair and orderly registration process must be followed. Programs run by Library staff will have priority in the use of Library meeting space.
  5. Every program will have one or more individuals designated as supervisor. The supervisor will be responsible for setting up and cleaning up the meeting space, paying fees or honorariums as needed, and ensuring that the program proceeds in an orderly fashion.
  6. The supervisor of the program will keep a count of the number of people who attend and inform the Children’s Department staff of that count. Children and adults will be counted separately. The Director will maintain a record of the total attendance at all programs in a fiscal year.
  7. Programs will not interfere with normal library operations if at all possible. If a program will interfere with normal library operations, it will be scheduled at such a time and date that the negative effects are minimized.
  8. Unsolicited offers from individuals or organizations to present programs will be evaluated by the same standards used by staff and Friends when planning programming.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees
14 October 2005